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For the sustainability of success;

To be conscious of the motivation and productivity of our team;


To achieve long-term friendships with our team members;

To gain the respect and trust of our team;

To inform our staff about shared goals, to arrange meetings for updating professional targets and optimize performance;


Always to adopt a positive attitude and approach problems optimistically;


To encourage more-experienced staff to share their knowledge with other team members, and to ensure the continuous education of our team;

To provide a work environment which prioritizes team identity over individuals;


To hold professional ethics above all;


To encourage a healthy balance between work and social life;


To establish and sustain a workplace culture, in which directors take responsibility for the continuous education and development of the staff;

constitute the foundations of our HR Policy.

Our HR Policy


Recruitment process progresses according to our requirements for new team members, and the qualifications of candidates are evaluated accordingly.


Probation Period

New team members are evaluated according to their conformity with the workplace culture and the specific position.

Proficiency and Life Long Learning

Staff member’s conformity with contextual advancements and technological developments (her/his knowledge, skills, and approaches), and potential prospective problems are evaluated. If a new requirement is determined, education sessions are organized (either in-house or at an external institution).

All applications submitted through our site will be evaluated according to our confidentiality policy.

HR Processes

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